Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kickin' it with Kicki

Last week, Seattle was all flirty and inviting, with summer sun and warm winds flabbergasting the natives. Why this sudden come-hitherness? one might ask. Because I had another friend over from Sweden, of course! (Apparently, that's how this city reacts to Scandinavians. I guess that explains Ballard.)

My dear old friend Kristin took a week off from being a responsible parent and flew overseas to enjoy the carefree life of a tourist, covering basically all the must-see attractions, Seattle's sweetest treats, and copious amounts of creamy cappuccinos. But it wasn't just her that got some well-deserved vacation; I took a couple of days off as well. Among other things, the two of us had the pleasure of enjoying lunch at Snoqualmie Falls with Amanda and little Aiden, explored Pike Place Market, and took the water taxi to Alki beach before hunting for ghosts around Pioneer Square.

As you must know by now, no Seattle trip is complete without a crazy evening on Capitol Hill. Like always, it was a success; any night that starts with craft cocktails at Tavern Law and ends with good friends (old ones / new ones / strangers) singing karaoke together like there's no tomorrow can only be described as very, very memorable.

As I hugged Kicki farewell at the airport yesterday morning I realized that in just three weeks' time it's my turn to pack my passport and steer my steps towards the security check at Seatac, flying East.

Three weeks. The joy!

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