Sunday, January 18, 2015

The miracle at CenturyLink Field

Seriously, there is no explaining that game.

It should've been impossible; Seahawks were playing so utterly bad for three quarters, with endless fumbles, false starts and bad calls. But somehow - somehow - they stepped up in the last trembling minutes and changed 19-7 for the Packers, with little more than two (!) minutes left to play, to 19-14, then 19-22. Yes, they scored two touchdowns in 44 seconds.

9 Mill, the bar next door where I was watching the game with newfound friends from last week, pretty much exploded. Like, yeah.

Still, it wasn't over; Packers kicked a field goal, made it to 22-22 and overtime. We were having multiple strokes all around, but there was no stopping the Hawks at that point; they scored a 35-yard touchdown on the first drive in overtime, effectively killing the game with 28 points against Green Bay's 22.

I just... I don't... There's no... Wow.

15 seconds into this clip you can see me being just a wee bit excited. (Just a tad.)

Although I can truthfully say that I never lost hope completely, I can't quite believe the way they miraculously turned that game around, securing the conference championship and a place in Super Bowl XLIX, Febuary 1st. Whatever happens then, they've already won everything as far as I'm concerned.

Well done, boys. Well done!


  1. Replies
    1. Kort sammandrag: Det var sport. Den var spännande. Vi vann. :)

  2. Fast själva sporten är fortfarande obegriplig, eller?

    1. Jag lär mig! Det går inte att tappa koncentrationen - då blir det bara en enda röra av armar och ben och konstiga domslut - men så länge jag är skärpt så hänger jag med.

  3. Sportsball! Yeehaw! Alltså, igen, synd att jag missade detta. Kul video! :)