Monday, May 25, 2015

Airport introspection

This is not a particularly good photo by any standards, but the feeling I'm trying to convey is one of carefreeness and mirthsipping on a cappuccino in the afternoon sun while talking about life and watching boats go by on the Singel. Top notch family time!

Fast-forward 17 hours: here I sit at Schiphol airport waiting to board the plane that will take me thousands of miles away from my roots once again, back to the New World. Back to the one-person family that is me.

Surrounded by fellow travellers rushing here and there, anxiously checking their passports and smartphones, I'm spending my time re-focusing and preparing for what's about to come: the last trembling months of my current affairs. This will be an intense summer, full of work and planning—but also play and exploring. Busy, yet fun—closure and new beginnings to come.

I'm ready. Off I go!

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  1. I bet Amsterdam was brilliant: family, sights and apparently a goodly amount of coffee and bicycles.