Wednesday, August 5, 2015


”Folks, I apologize for the lack of stunning views over Kachemak Bay, impressive mountains in Denali National Park, and flowering hillsides by Skilak Lake. I...”

”But you promised!” you interrupt, with an accusing glare. ”You promised we would see it all.”

I stare at my toes, nervously shifting my weight back and forth. Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot. You’re clearly not letting me off with a warning this time.

”We demand pictures! High-resolution photos, preferably, but if it’s going to take forever to upload them then a simple sketch will do. Or a diagram. Perhaps a model, made out of clay? Anything!”

I take a deep breath.

”I promise...” My voice is cracking. ”I promise to give you what we agreed on—I just need some time! Won’t you please give me some more time?!

The silence that follows is almost unbearable. Suddenly, you shrug, smirking. ”Sure, why not—you’ll get a few more days. But youd better not disappoint. We won’t be as understanding, next time.

Baffled, I slowly back away, thanking you over and over in an incoherent ramble; Swedish, English, possibly a bit of Danish. Leaving the room, I turn and start running, my mind blank except for one single thought: how the hell am I going to make a clay model of Resurrection Bay?


  1. A simple MS paint picture would also do at this point... ;)

  2. Hey - it's Alaska. It's not going anywhere ... enjoy your last few weeks in Seattle. Maybe you can make it a farewell blog post after you get back to Europe, you know, saving the best for last...