Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A letter of thanks

Dear Seattle,

Thank you for the crisp January weather you have provided recently; I really can't get enough of sunshine and blue skies at this time of year. And I actually don't mind the cold, even though I have to turn off my noisy heater during the night; I'm fine with sleeping in long johns and double blankets. Getting out of bed and into my chilly bathroom in the mornings may be somewhat tough, but it's definitely worth it if it means that I get to walk along Lake Union on my way to Fred Hutch as the day dawns under a clear sky.

You would think that me being swamped with work at the moment and not even managing to take a quick stroll in the sunshine during lunch break would dampen my gratitude, but it really doesn't. Looking out the window and dreaming of spring as rays of light hit my pale face is enough to raise my spirits considerably.

Hastily skimming through what I've just written I realize that one could mistake parts of it for irony, but I assure you: my gratitude is sincere. Please, if it's possible, keep this up for a few more days. There are many of us who need to recharge our batteries, and solar power seems to be the supreme source of energy during this season of darkness and gloom. A few more days, that's all I'm asking.

Yours truly,
Ms. Pasty-Faced


  1. Hoppas att Seattle läser ditt brev och besvarar det med massa mera sol! KRAM

  2. How unfair that some would have windows in their office!