Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's not fair...

...that I have to be working all day, when Patrik teams up with my übercool friend Isaac for a day in the snow. Click on the link below for a dreamy picture of P in the white wilderness.

But I won't mope for long; on Friday my brother joins Patrik and me in Seattle, and a couple of days later the three of us head North, across the Canadian border for a six-day getaway in Whistler. I reckon it'll only take a day or two of snowboarding with these guys to leave me battered and bruised, but I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy the ride. (Pretty sure.)


  1. åh vad roligt ni kommer ha!!! hälsa min kusin om nu skulle träffa på honom ;) skidguide i Whistler (nånstans, gissar att det finns några ställen :P)

  2. Ser inte jättetråkigt nu... ;) Trevlig resa och ha det underbart!