Sunday, February 17, 2013

Slam dunk

Saturday night was all about hoops, balls, nets, dribbles, dunks, and rebounds as Seattle U Redhawks took on UT Arlington Mavericks in KeyArena; we're talking men's college basketball in the Western Athletic Conference.

It was an exciting game that kept going back and forth, and the fun wasn't over until the very last seconds. Unfortunately, UT Arlington ended up winning with 65-63 after an intense finale, but Patrik and I had a swell time nevertheless.

Being a big fan of high school/college movies, I immediately started categorizing the athletes and cheerleaders as well as individuals in the audience and supporting crews into typical stereotypes seen on the screen. The popular kids and the weirdos; the jocks and the nerds. The overly committed dads with veins about to pop in their foreheads, yelling and gesticulating fervently next to perfectly made-up mothers with flawless hairdos on front row. Youths with problems and youths holding great expectations.

Almost as much fun as the game itself!