Thursday, May 30, 2013

Short but sweet

My week in Sweden was intense but fantastic. In short:

Thursday: Greeted by Sofia at the airport. Went to my apartment to pick up some summer items and chat with my tenant before heading to Sofia and Martin's place for tea and sleep.

Friday: Met with colleagues at the University of Gothenburg, speed dated a couple of friends downtown and joined Sofia and Martin for cocktails in the sunshine before relaxing with dinner and a movie.

Saturday: Breakfast bliss with Sofia and Martin. Picked up by my sister and family and driven to Halmstad, where my mother's 60th birthday was celebrated with a lovely garden party in the sun. Friends and family, all gathered in my mum's honor; eating, drinking, and singing until midnight.

Sunday: Running by the sea. Meeting up with the girls for updates, gossip, laughter, and cuddling with Diana's precious little boy. And mud cake! Hilariously flat but delicious.

Monday: Running errands and meeting up with Diana and the baby for a stroll and some fika at the public library. Evening jog at Galgberget with my mother.

Tuesday: Another run by the sea before reluctantly saying goodbye to my parents, boarding a bus back to Gothenburg. Barbecue dinner and game night at Smedjegatan, making plans and dreaming about summer in Seattle.

Wednesday: Morning goodbyes and travelling to the airport.

Next time I go to Sweden, I hope that I can stay an extra couple of days... Too much fun, too little time! Especially when it comes to hanging around with guys like this.


  1. Saknar dig redan vännen! Var så härligt att få träffas, även om det blev kort. Skoj att du, D och W kunde ses dagen efter också!
    Kram! <3

  2. Håller med Karin, saknar dig redan !!
    Tiden går så fort, men jag är glad att jag kan få följe dig lite här på bloggen iaf, då känns inte avståndet lika långt på ngt sätt !
    Många kramar finaste !!!!

  3. Sv. tack fina Fia, du skriver alltid så fina och stöttande kommentarer <3
    Hoppas hemresa och allt gått bra? Att saker inte känns lika tunga och jobbiga nu.