Monday, August 26, 2013

A truly happy birthday

It's funny; for over two weeks I've been agonizing about my birthday. Debating what to do with it. Pondering how to ignore it. It was my first birthday over here, and I was truly worried that I would end up spending it alone, feeling sad and abandoned.

Boy, was I wrong! I sincerely underestimated the generosity and kindness of all my friends and family in Sweden, Seattle, and across the world. Big mistake!

I've been spoiled and pampered, showered with thoughtful gifts and adorable cards. Treated to dinners, drinks, brunch, and desserts. Hugged and complimented. Taken to soccer games and night clubs.

All of you who texted, called, emailed, mailed cards and gifts, spent time with me and thought of me: thank you! This weekend was nothing but amazing, and I will remember it for a long time.
I love you all!

PS. This is the best ”detailed description of contents” I've seen on a customs declaration.


  1. Stort grattis i efterskott! Härligt att se att det blev en sådan kanonhelg. :)

    1. Aww, tack! :) Ja, det var en fantastisk helg - har ännu inte hämtat mig riktigt.

  2. Åh vad härligt att höra att helgen/födelsedagen blev så kanon!! tänkte på dig just i de banorna, och hoppades innerligt att du inte skulle behöva känna dig ensam på din första födelsedag där borta. Stor kram och grattis igen!

  3. ...och en födelsedagspresent behöver ju inte mer beskrivning än just det... ;)