Wednesday, September 4, 2013


On this day a year ago I arrived to Seattle, frazzled from the long flight, yet anxious to begin a new chapter of my life on a faraway continent. Owning no more than I could carry in my two hands, I was picked up at the airport by Ollie and Nancy and taken to Fremont where I installed myself and soon started exploring my new hometown. Right from the beginning, I knew that this would be a passionate love affair. Seattle and I found one another straight away, and I just keep falling in love, over and over...

In no way have I been disconnected from my roots, though. Twice have I been home during this first year, and I have had visitors over from Sweden on no less than six occasions - thirteen different people, all in all. My head and heart is constantly filled with thoughts of dear and beloved back home, but not in a painful way. It's a soothing, homey white noise. You are there, I am here. Life goes on.

But don't worry, I will be back - eventually.

That being said, I am far from done with Seattle... Since I came here I have learned so many things and travelled so many places. The fun times I have had! The moments I have experienced. The friends I have met and the families I have joined. And yet there is so much left to do and see and feel and try... I would not trade this adventure for anything in the world.

One year has passed, and I can't wait to see what the next is going to offer. I hope you will keep joining me on my ventures in this fascinating land!

Photo by Göran Frost, edited by Isaac Price.

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  1. Underbart foto!
    Vi längtar efter dig här hemma, men njuter av att dela ditt liv via bloggen just nu.
    Stor kram!!