Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Music under a moonlit sky

Tuesday 7:30 pm, Marymoor Park.

Got a last-minute invitation to watch the new wave/punk legends Blondie perform in Redmond last night. Thank you, David! For the ticket, the twilighty photo, and the opportunity to see my old idol Debbie Harry bounce around on stage wearing a fluorescent tie, leather skirt, and pointy witch's hat. Punk is not dead! (It may be a bit confused, but it's not dead.)

Something tells me it might have been the last summery night in Seattle for quite a while, but I certainly won't mind being proven wrong. On the other hand, I've been not-so-secretly longing for fall for some time now, so I can just as easily go all in for tea-lights and warm socks... Either way, I'm content.

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