Monday, February 3, 2014


Surely, you already know by now but I nonetheless have to report that Seahawks claimed Seattle's first Vince Lombardi Trophy yesterday as they literally destroyed Denver Broncos at Super Bowl XLVIII. (After that, the city went mad.)

We were watching the game at David's house nomming on chips, dip, cookies and cake whilst cheering, high-fiving, and not quite believing our eyes as Manning and his fellow ponies were brutally defeated on the field. They didn't stand a chance! Although I left the dancing on the streets to others, I feel really lucky to have had the privilege to follow Seahawks this season, all the way to the top for the very first time. I'm not just lucky, I'm proud! Damn proud.

Wicked! Go Hawks! YAY SPORTSBALL!

As a side note, this was a pretty unusual afternoon given that the Swedes were in majority at the party, thanks to a couple of visiting gentlemen from my old hood. Perfect timing, lads!


  1. hihi där är ju min dude :) skoj och tack för att de fick hänga med er! kram

    1. haha jag vet! så himla kul att de ville haka på! :) nästa gång karln din åker över får vi dock se till att stoppa ned dig i hans resväska ;) kramkram

  2. haha känns helt knasigt att ni båda är där på andra sidan jorden och på samma ställe.. han kunde ju lika gärna hamnat på konferens i nån annan stad liksom :) JA nästa gång SKA jag följa med.. hade det inte varit för så osäkert schema iom skolstart den här gången så... kram!