Sunday, March 30, 2014

Splashing and flying

All right peeps, if I'm ever going to finish my Costa Rican report I need to lower my ambitions; I'll just upload some photos, write something stupid and be done with it.

Okay, okay... I can hear you all the way to Seattle: Isn't that what she always does...? Well, yes. And no. But yes.


Aaaaaaaaanyway. Here goes: From Tamarindo we drove towards La Fortuna, a little town about 6 km from the beautiful Arenal volcano. Our stay lasted only one night, but we managed to do all this (and probably more that I've forgot):
  • The Colombian was food poisoned by a massive bratwurst sandwich
  • We splashed around in the La Fortuna Waterfall
  • We splashed around in the hot springs at Tabacón Grand Spa
  • David and I exhausted our adrenaline supplies ziplining over the rainforest

Maybe we should've seen the stomach bug coming; I mean, really: a German brat place in the middle of the tropical mountains...?

The gorgeous (active!) volcano, as seen from the car on the way to La Fortuna.

The Queen of Fika showing off her wizardry with traditionally brewed Costa Rican coffee. Freshly ground black magic!

To get to the waterfall, we climbed down an interesting set of stairs through the densely green djungle. The rocks were slippery and the water cold, but the experience was marvellous.

Early morning walk.

La Fortuna; the shy volcano hiding her face among the clouds.

What else have I got for you...? How about some pictures from the zipline adventure high above the treetops, featuring my husband (the marine) and my mother? Yup.

...and then a couple of video clips, including a very excited Super Chica.

Then what? We loaded ourselves into the car and made the five hour long three-hour drive to San José. See you there!


  1. Fick pirr i magen, höjdskräck och känslan "jag vill också prova" på en och samma gång när jag såg filmen :) Tufft!

    1. Det var rätt mycket pirr även i denna mage, kan meddelas. :)

  2. Wohoo, ziplining! Det gjorde vi ju i Vancouver :-)