Thursday, April 9, 2015

Incoming: Esox lucius*

It's been a while since I had a Swedish visitor, but it's finally time again. Seattle, meet Gäddan - Gäddan, meet Seattle. I hope you'll like each other!

Oh, and Seattle - it would be really awesome if you could do that weather thing you usually do when I have people over. You know, the whole spoiling us with sun and warmth and pretending like it never rains here. That would really be super sweet. (Really, really super Mega sweet!)

I'm sure we'll have a blast, however; rain or shine. Updates to come!

*Gädda = northern pike (Esox lucius). It makes total sense, I promise.


  1. Det har ju börjat bra med iaf! Runt 18 grader och sol kan jag ju inte gnälla över. :)

  2. Farligaste insjöfisken!
    Hoppas att ni har det topp. :)

    1. Blir du avundsjuk om jag säger att jag avslutade vistelsen med en lapsangcocktail? ;)

    2. Ja!
      Jag är även avundsjuk på vistelsen efter att ha sett bilden på smarriga pajer från Blackbird Bakery...