Sunday, April 19, 2015


My weekend: kicking back, easing off, taking a breather. All good things.

Neil Gaiman on Friday was great—that man is a storyteller, if I ever heard one. During his two-hour performance at the HUB he answered questions, told tales, and read a couple of pieces from his latest book ”Trigger Warning” (which I couldn't resist acquiring a signed copy of). He also shared some of his favorite anecdotes about his long-time friend Terry Pratchett, another old favorite of mine who sadly passed away about a month ago.

A quite terrible photo of Gaiman, reading from the not-at-all terrible ”Good Omens”, which he and Pratchett wrote together, many years ago. (I may have to re-read it soon.)

Hello. You will be loved.

Saturday started with brunch and catching-up with Amanda and little Aiden. We stuffed ourselves with scrumptious scrambles and walked off the satiety on a sunlit stroll around Green Lake, chitting and chatting about this and that. After waiving goodbye to her and Aiden I did a few chores and spent the rest of the day reading, snacking, and watching movies on my laptop. No complaints.

Sunday was basically more of the same; great weather, relaxing activitites—crossing of a few to-dos, but without stress.

A great weekend, with lots of time for recharging the batteries before taking on next week's challenges.

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