Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A weekend to remember - Part I

Having Sofia and Lena here has been so much fun; I don't even know where to start. Today I dropped them off at the airport after six totally awesome, yet exhausting days. The three of us will undoubtedly sleep like the dead tonight. Reporting everything we've done is too grand a task for me to endeavour, so you will have to make do with some highlights from our weekend adventures.

On Friday afternoon, Scott and Shani brought us to Woodinville for some wine tasting, beginning with six flavorful glasses at Chateau Ste Michelle.

We then proceeded to JM Cellars, where the wines were even more delicious. The cloudy looking liquid in Lena's glass was actually poured directly from the barrel as we got a special tour by John Bigelow himself (the "J" in JM). A first for me!

Our spirits rose by the minute as we were presented with one glass after another of high-quality wine, and when the designated pregnant woman steered the car towards Café Veloce for dinner, the merriment in the back of the car was unmistakable.

After filling up on Italian food (and more wine, of course), we tucked us into the car again and drove around looking at beautifully and overwhelmingly decorated houses wrapped in multicolored lights and ornaments. The radio played nonstop Christmas songs and Scott and the Merry Swedes sang along with heart and soul, to the driver's delight (ehm). The whole experience culminated in an explosion of colors as we ended up at the Garden d'Lights festival in the Bellevue Botanical Garden, running around among the hundreds of thousands of lights; laughing, photographing, and singing Blue Christmas over and over (and over and over and over...) until they closed down the park and basically threw us out.

The lighting was pretty ambitious, if you ask me.

Christmas Nessie?

Scott was seriously impressed by these balls.

The whole gang! These Swedes couldn't have asked for better guides to wine and Christmas lights. Thank you!

Stay tuned for part II: What Happened On Saturday (or maybe: What Did Not Happen On Saturday?).


  1. Now back in Sweden. Thanks for a perfect week Fia and thanks Shani and Scott for the tour!!

  2. Varför finns det ingen "Gilla"-knapp? Jag vill trycka på en sådan.
    Väntar med spänning på fler delar. :)

  3. Åh vad roligt ni ser ut att ha haft det, helt underbart !! Men jag förstår om du är lite trött he he ;)
    Kramar !!