Saturday, December 15, 2012

A weekend to remember - Part III

I simply can't not write something about our Sunday as well, so here is a very brief report:

Woke up at 10-ish; Lena and I feeling peachy, Sofia being a train wreck. Nothing that a good dose of bacon and pancakes couldn't fix, though. Not at "Kiss café", however; that's just plain wrong.

David picked us up after brunch and drove us to Seattle Premium Outlets where Lena bought a lifetime supply of sneakers and Sofia almost had a seizure at the Kate Spade store. For real! I thought I was losing her; she was literally shaking. Too many pretty things and too many ridiculously good deals for one girl to handle...

Eventually, the night before started catching up with us and Mr Good Guy David brought us to his place where he cooked dinner while we wrapped ourselves in blankets, played Cards Against Humanity and laughed a bit too hard at the card reading "A gassy antelope" (you really had to be there). The food was absolutely delicious and as a bonus we learned how to spice things up with habanero pepper without actually making the food overly hot. Intriguing! Finally, we were dropped off at my place in order to get some well needed rest.

It was a day of being utterly spoiled, to say the least. The best kind of hangover day, really. To conclude: David, the world needs more friends like you!


  1. The Kate Spade store was the best hangover medicine ever, but it takes a strong trained hart not to fall down dead in the sale they had. :)

  2. This was a good good weekend for me too. I'm glad you let me spoil you, party with you, treat you to some "dark-and-stormy"s, dancing, spanking, people-watching, shopping, driving, cooking, laughing, sharing, learning and of course: feeling.

    It was truly a great experience. I hope we get to see each other again sometime in life. I'd love to crash in your sofa sometime, or have you visiting over, somewhere on this side of the world.