Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A fine day to be proud

Seattle is a very gay friendly city, with vibrant Capitol Hill being the main district for all things fun and diverse. If you are looking for an extraordinary night out or just some high quality people watching, then the Hill is certainly the place to go.

Last Sunday, Seattle Pride hosted its 39th annual pride parade organized by Seattle Out & Proud, rendering our fine city filled with sparkling prima donnas, hairy bears, leather clad goths, rainbow colored unicorns, and all kinds of fabulous people sweating away in the tropical heat. The festivities were highly influenced by the Supreme Court's recent decision on DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), ruling the federal same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional. Being a sentimental softy, my eyes were repeatedly filled with tears of equal parts joy and sadness as proud couples marched by, celebrating their right to get married. All these years of struggle and discrimination... Unbelieveable. 

Besides cheering and clapping, the spectators were constantly catching flying items from the many companies and organizations that were represented in the parade. T-shirts, instant coffee, stickers, condoms, bracelets, coupons for various goods and services, bead necklaces, candy, and all kinds of other free stuff. Loved it! Gratis är gott!

The costumes, the colors, the creativity! My camera is filled with photos of fantastic people celebrating love and community.

Thank you, Seattle Pride! The sun almost got me, but it was worth it.

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