Thursday, December 19, 2013


...thousand billion one hundred and two gingerbread cookies.

(or something like that)

This was the first and last time I ever make ginger thins on my own, because holy cow! that was boring. Normally I love making these guys, but apparently it's all about doing it in the company of others. Note to self.

Aesthetically, the result was quite terrible; I simply ran out of patience after the second pan. Or was it the first? Flavorwise, I'd say they were not that bad. The chemist in me couldn't resist experimenting a bit with the spices, but I think I can probably be even more adventurous next time.

However: no company, no next time. Basta.


  1. Vad sägs om att baka via Skype?

    1. Lysande idé! Jag kan se oss med lurar i öronen: “mera mjöl!”, “kavla tunnare!”, “ät inte mer deg nu!” ;)

    2. Precis! "Ont i magen, så äter lite mer deg för att se om det hjälper..." ;)

    3. DET HJÄLPER!!! Annars kanske en kan prova lite julgodis...?

  2. Haha jag har också bakat själv, jag fick göra det i omgångar, jag hann inte allt på en dag ens :-)
    Men jag hade Lars Vegas som sällskap så det var rätt ok ändå tycker jag!