Sunday, March 8, 2015

On top of the world

Spring has surely sprung in Seattle; lately, we've been positively spoiled with sunshine and warm temperatures. This weekend was absolutely gorgeous, weatherwise. Better yet, I got to spend Sunday hiking, laughing and making friends at Bare Mountain. What a day!

The facts: 8.0 mi/12.9 km roundtrip; elevation gain 3250 ft/990 m; highest point 5353 ft/1630 m. Sun: warm. Mood: stellar.

It took us about 2 h 30 min to zig zag our way up to the summit; going down took 1 h 50 min.

Some snow play on the way up.

Sweating away on the heather-covered mountainside.

Mt. Rainier, watching over us from a distance. (Parts of the trail were quite "adventurous".)

Almost there!

Hello world!

At the top: quite an impressive 360-degree view. YouTube is not my friend right now, but you can watch a short clip here. Fun sidenote: on the way down we ran into some random Swedes making their way up. Odds?

To sum up: quite the hike, yeah? Two predictions: 1) I'll sleep well tonight, especially seeing as we switched to daylight saving time this morning; 2) hips, ankles and glutes will be a little (a lot) sore once I wake up. So friggin' worth it, though!

PS. The Hawaii report is coming up, I promise! Just be patient.