Monday, September 10, 2012

A nice Russian face

My administrative adventures are still far from over, and today's mission was to head down to the Social Security Office to apply for a social security card. Let me tell you this: I was far from disappointed by the diverse characters joining me in the waiting room. I won't bore you with details on aggressive men, toothless women, metal detectors and armed security officers, but instead focus on a handsome, suit-clad old man who set his eyes on me as soon as I entered the room. I sat down next to him, and he leaned over and asked me (with a very Hollywoodesque Russian accent) "Do you speak any Russian?" "No, I'm afraid not", I answered apologetically. He then excused himself, saying that he thought I was Russian and added "You have a nice Russian face".

I've been thriving on that comment all day.

Could it be the bun?

Oh, and I'll get my social security card in two weeks. Yay me!


  1. Hi hi , Dá verrry nice ! :P

  2. hihi funny thing to say , nice face though russian or not ;)

  3. Hej - jättekul med bloggen!
    Ser verkligen fram emot att få följa dig här, hoppas på många inlägg. Det verkar som om du hunnit med en hel del på den korta tiden du varit på plats!

  4. From Russia, men inte Moskvas flygplats hoppas jag ;)
    Håller med de andra, härligt att läsa om hur du har det!