Friday, September 7, 2012

Being social

Today was a day of socializing with strangers. I started out with happy hour at the Hutch, where I was rescued by a mirthful bunch from Development as I stood bewildered on my own among closed groups of beer drinking postdocs. It turned out to be quite fun! Next, I went to the University District and got kissed on the cheek by a somewhat scruffy looking fella who insisted on escorting me across the street. He seemed happy, so I chose to laugh about it instead of being grossed out. After having dinner at the lovely Araya's place (alone, not with the scruffy guy) I headed home to Fremont. On the bus I was approached by an older man from Chile who kindly provided me with his best recipe for frying fish. Why, thank you sir, that will be useful.

What social interactions will tomorrow bring as I discover the allegedly "colorful" area known as Capitol Hill? My guess is I will enjoy myself.