Monday, September 10, 2012

Home is where the heart is

...and right now, my heart is located in a part of Seattle called Fremont. I'm currently renting a furnished room with a private bathroom in an old-fashioned (as in classic, not dowdy) green villa in a residential area with lots of beautiful old houses. The location is excellent, just a few minutes from Woodland Zoo and Green Lake and a fifteen minute walk from the cool shops and cozy cafés of downtown Fremont. Several bus lines pass through the area, so getting to work in the mornings is pretty painless.

The house on the corner of cozy and cool.

I must consider myself extremely lucky to have stumbled upon this place without knowing basically anything about the area; the rent is fair, the room is clean, the landlady is nice (and her dog well-behaved).

One end of the room...
...and the other. The bathroom is straight ahead, with a tub to the left and sink and toilet to the right. Fluffy towels are included in the price.

Still, I would really like to get a place of my own as soon as possible... Even though I have complete access to a fully-equipped kitchen, it's just not as fun or inspiring to be cooking or baking using someone elses pots and pans. In the long run, I'd much rather live in a small, crummy pad if it meant that it was all mine. (But it needs to have a proper stove! No silly kitchenettes, thankyouverymuch.)

The hunt for an own apartment has just begun, but if my luck continues it may not be too tiresome. Please hold your thumbs, my friends, as I already have set my sights on a couple of promising candidates to the desirable title home (away from home). On Wednesday we will know if they live up to my expectations...


  1. Hej.. jag orkar inte skriva på engelska, men att läsa är inga problemas! :)
    Vad mysigt det ser ut, men jag förstår att du vill ha ngt helt eget, nu behöver du iaf inte stressa med att hitta något :)
    Så himla underbart att du har en blogg så att man kan följa din äventyr gumman. Hoppas allt går bra och att du trivs där borta. Saknr dig lite mindre nu när jag kan följa dig via nätet :D
    Massa massa kramar !!!

  2. vi blandar lite hej vilt tror jag ;) håller med vivs... det känns som att du är mycket mer nära när man får en inblick i din nya vardag, med bilder och allt.. roligt! vad fint rummet ser ut, men förstår att du vill ha något eget så klart. Området verkar ju riktigt nice :)