Sunday, September 23, 2012

On getting home in one piece

The party last night was great fun; cheap drinks, good music, friendly people, and lots of karaoke (!) at a place in Queen Anne called Ozzie's. Because of massive ambivalence regarding choice of song I never made any performance myself, but I'll make sure not to miss out on the next opportunity... After switching location to the more laidback Manhattan in Capitol Hill, I felt like going home when closing time approached. My initial plan was to take the bus, but one of the guys in the group offered to drive me; an offer I accepted after some deliberation, as I was tired and also knew that there were no direct bus routes to Fremont from where we were.

Still, I find it really hard to accustom myself with the American drinking and driving habits. In Sweden, I would never get into a car with a driver that had been drinking. Here, it's completely ordinary. The guy was obviously far from drunk, but I knew that he had finished at least two drinks at Ozzie's and I just don't like the idea of putting my life in the hands of semi intoxicated people; commonly accepted or not.

Of course, I got home safe and sound; there were no problems whatsoever. But next time, I just might wait for the bus anyway.


  1. Tack för din fina kommentar gumman, vet ärligt talat inte vad jag hade gjort utan er ! <3
    Jag lovar att göra mitt bästa för att dokumentera både mage och bebis, men du komemr ju få träffa oss allihop när du kommer hem till jul :)

    Hmmm nej bussen låter nog ändå som ett bra alternativ för de har ändå fler olyckor än vi har i sverige pga rattonyktra personer.
    Massa kramar !!

  2. låter som en fab kväll.. men hjälp ;) nej snälla ta bussen...

  3. Don't let those annoying drunks ruin your nights out, take a cab next time! You are too good of a friend to be put in those situations. Next time you're out and out of cabs just call me and I'll drive you home. I only drink water.

    1. Okay Dave, will do. But you don't have a GPS, do you? How will you find the way!? ;)