Sunday, October 21, 2012

A peek inside

At last! Some images from my crib. It's still rather austere with plain white walls and limited furnishing, but I'm certain that I will make it snug and personal in due time. However, the apartment is just 400 sq ft (approximately 37 sq m), so there isn't much room for extravagance.

The magic number welcomes you at my door.

This is the kitchen part of the room that serves as hall, kitchen, dining area, study, living room, dance floor, and library. The step stool by the window is essential, as the cupboards are positioned at the perfect height for a medium-sized giant.

I'm hoping to find a comfy armchair to snuggle up in, but currently this corner of the room is where I spend most of my waking hours when at home.

For reasons of economy, I soon realized that the impression I was aiming for in terms of furnishing had to be "shabby chic". I found these wooden crates at a local rummage sale, put one on top of the other and abracadabra: a home made shoe rack.

My bedroom. The chair, the bedside table, and the mirror (which will be wall mounted eventually) were all found at various thrift stores. Cheap is the new black!

This was just a brief introduction to my lodging; more pictures will be posted as I start decorating. Welcome back!


  1. Jag tycker det ser jättemysigt ut och himla smart med skostället! Det är härligt när man hittar en kombination av snyggt, praktiskt och billigt :D
    Ikväll ska jag träffa Diddimama och Karin, det börjar ju närma sig för vår mama :)

  2. Trevligt med bilder hemifrån. Och jag kan bara instämma med föregående talare när det gäller skostället. Ska bli kul att se vad en mästerinredare som du kan hitta på framöver.

  3. I love what you've done with the place. It's very classy. While the shoe rack looks neat, you might want to get something that fits with your home's theme.

  4. Härligt att se att du kommit iordning i nya plejset. Ser väldigt mysigt ut. :)