Monday, October 22, 2012

Back in the game

Yesterday I had the privilege of following Scott and Shani to yet another Sounders game, this time against FC Dallas at the final regular-season match at home this year. Compared to my last visit at CenturyLink Field, this time the weather gods were not as kind. Luckily, Scott had brought a radiant orange "emergency poncho" and a set of chemical hand warmers for me, so I kept warm and relatively dry the whole time. After 15 opening minutes of hard rain things improved considerably, and our spirits were held high by the fact that Sounders beat FC Dallas with 3-1, thereby avoiding the first round of the Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup playoffs . (Very important, if I understand things correctly.)

Me and Shani at the start of the game. Cheers to the emergency poncho!

The three of us after the game. Happy faces! Well... Shani was actually quite cold at this point, so her smile may be a bit more forced.

Speaking of FC Sounders, Erik Niva at Aftonbladet apparently wrote a blog post regarding the record breaking game I watched two weeks ago: What Do You Hear In These Sounds? Pretty fun to read! (Thanks to Mikael P.)

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  1. Ha ha , stylish ! ;)
    Det är så härligt att få följa med lite i din vardag, man saknar dig liiiite mindre då :)

    Tusen tack för din gulliga kommentar, är verkligen så glad över att jag har er!!
    Massa kramar !!