Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Harlequin

Being a big fan of masquerades I've always wanted to experience Halloween in the US, a wish that finally came through this weekend. Well, Halloween itself is of course on Wednesday, October 31st, but the big day for costume parties was on Saturday and I had the pleasure of going out with a bunch of friends in the vibrant Capitol Hill district. I actually started out with dinner at a restaurant downtown, and although our costumes initially attracted some attention no one seemed to think it was weird at all. After a while several other groups of dressed-up people arrived, further enhancing the festive atmosphere.

For women the whole point of this holiday seems to be an excuse to dress extremely scantily in public; google "Halloween costume women" and you'll get my point. I did my best to adapt to this cultural tradition by combining various odd pieces into a Harlequin inspired outfit that turned out pretty okay, considering the rather small amount of money I was willing to spend on it.

Before leaving home I tried to hastily document my getup (indoor/outdoor version) but when I looked at the pictures afterwards it turned out that I apparently only have one photo pose. Unfortunately, it is a rather awkward one. My apologies.

Yesterday, the weather suddenly got very mild and I took a nice two-hour walk looking at cute kids going trick-or-treating in stores and cafés around town. A very nice gesture from the shop owners, also enabling children who live in apartment buildings to go hunting for sweets.

So what happens now? My guess is that the display windows will be rapidly cleared from spiderweb and jack-o'-lanterns directly after Wednesday, and that Christmas trees and candy canes will start popping up in their place... And I can hardly wait. 'Tis the season to be jolly!


  1. Ha ha du är ju så underbar, för visst är det så att man helt plötsligt tycker att man ska dra fram den där gamal korsetten igen osv, men du har lyckats med en otroligt snygg outfit tycker jag, FoxyFia :)
    Kramar !

  2. Snyggt! Skulle bara haft en narrmössa också för den riktiga Harley Quinn-looken... framtida projekt? :)

    1. Åh, jag vet! Hann tyvärr inte knyppla ihop en sådan denna gång.