Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday season (really)

I have begun to truly understand why the Americans call this time of year the holiday season; Thanksgiving simply merges into Christmas, starting with a crazy shopping spree on Black Friday when people gather in huge crowds at stores that open at midnight with sales and special offers. It seems to be a lot like what we in Sweden do at Boxing Day, which is why I made sure to avoid it as best as I could.

I did go down to Westlake Center to watch the Christmas tree lighting ceremony with a friend, though. Thousands of Seattleites had gathered to listen to Christmas carols and enjoy the fireworks that accompanied the tree being lit, as well as being blinded by the enormous holiday star that now occupies the corner of Macy's. I honored the occasion by getting a holiday seasoned latte at Starbucks and went on to Nordstrom to watch kids (and adults) sitting on Santa's knee; a tradition that kind of creeps me out, to be honest.

To recuperate from this near overdose of holiday spirit we went to the movies and watched The Man with the Iron Fists; RZA's homage to classic B Kung Fu films. Bad acting, brainless plot, outrageous wigs, severed limbs flying right and left, blood gushing, physics overruled. And Russell Crowe. (Crickets chirping.)

Anyway, I'm ready for more Christmas now!

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