Sunday, November 18, 2012

Under construction

My little apartment is getting nicer by the day; this weekend I've drilled some 26 holes in my walls, putting up hooks and shelves left and right. I'll post some pictures of the improvements as soon as I get my things organized, but until then I can show some sweet vintage prints that I bought at the Fremont Sunday market. A bargain!

And in case you didn't know: this is a hammer.

On Thursday I will experience my first ever Thanksgiving. Therefore, the next couple of evenings will be spent trying to figure out something nice to prepare and share with the rest of the dinner guests, preferably with a Swedish touch. Stay tuned for pictures of turkey, yams and pumpkin pie!


  1. Mysfaktorn i lägenheten verkar ju öka markant varje gång man är inne och kikar här i bloggen. Fint!
    Du kanske ska göra en Janssons frestelse till Thanksgiving-middagen, potatisgratäng med fisk, hur naturligt som helst. ;)

  2. Ska jag ta med mig en hammare i resväskan? :-)

    1. Det är lugnt, jag har fler kastruller i min verktygslåda. ;)