Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vanilla Ice Ice Baby

Before I go to bed I must share another fun thing that happened today. I'm planning on baking an apple pie for the Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and decided that custard would complement it nicely. Went to my local PCC store (which I absolutely love, by the way) and looked around for some vanilla flavoured yummyness. But alas! No such yummyness was to be found. After browsing around for a while I asked for help by a girl that eagerly took on the task. We looked among the dairy products, by the baking supplies, in the freezer and among the cakes. No custard. Only weird puddings and organic oddities.

I finally told her that I might just get some vanilla ice cream instead (secretly thinking that I should go find my custard in another store), and she wondered what kind I would get in that case. "Some really good vanilla?" she asked. When my answer was yes, she reached into the freezer and picked up a pint of really fine, locally produced Snoqualmie Danish Vanilla Bean All Natural Ice Cream ("Handcrafted in small batches for people who love ice cream"), wrote "SAMPLE" over the barcode and handed it to me, saying that I should try it. Just because she couldn't find me any custard!

Only in Seattle, my friends, only in Seattle... The friendliest town I've ever been to. How I love it!


  1. Men åh vad gulligt av henne! låter som att jag också skulle trivas där ;) vilken affär.. och vilken glass!!

    1. Ja! Innan vi började snacka glass erbjöd hon sig även att skriva ut recept på vaniljsås åt mig, ifall jag skulle vilja koka min egen från scratch istället (vilket jag kanske gör, trots allt). Snacka om customer service! :)

  2. oj ja verkligen! skillnad från här kanske ;) gå in på en random ica och fråga om vaniljsås så pekar de på marsanen.. specialrecept och giveawayglass..nja
    Men gör din egna vaniljsås, absolut! det ska inte vara så svårt